Some Great Sites for Both Urban and Rural Homesteaders!

Some of My Favorite magazines that promote a self sufficient Lifestyle.

Countryside and Small Stock Journal

Acres USA Magazine

Backwoods Home Magazine

Miscellaneous Sites!

Old fashioned Items for the Modern Homestead

Urban homesteading! how awesome!

Livestock Links


Everything you need to know about rabbits support and information in a forum

Rabbits for Showing and Breed Purity

Downloadable Book on raising Rabbits:


Poultry and other Fowl Creatures>

List of Hatcheries at Mother Earth News

A Site Dedicated to Articles on Raising Poultry!

An online poultry raisers community!

Other Critters!>

Raising Goats

Sheep Magazine

Just More Stuff!

How to make Soap

The Urban Rancher

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